si Bil, being a great person (with our limitedness) is very amazing


OMG, I did not know when my best friend, Dameria Swadesi, was looking for me. She asked to everyone, “do you know Ratih’s brother phone number… do you know people who closed to Ratih?…. etc”

Still not aware that friends looking for me, I was login my social media. Ups, I found the topic in there.

Then I checked my mobile phone: three hours after my mobile phone off, bipp bipp so many SMS, BBM, WA asked about my condition.

Si Bil, by this writing, I would like to say, being a great person (with our limitedness) is very amazing. Because, in life, we should not living alone with ourselves. Every human being was born to be a social person, make up your days with friends, teachers and stranger also. Please, still give the best services to them, just like what your family do it to you. “who knows one day you will meet them again… we do not know the future, we do not know if he/she need your help, you need his/her help… or you will work together with them… and the important is: they are our family also… we never know what will happen with our nuclear family in one day, we still must continue our life, right? so friends will be our family to fill our days” .

Please, as long as they have not hurt you, just still being a great person as usual. If sometimes person/people hurt you, just take your time to do reconciliation. God give us special time in this world to be happy everyday, be a great person, doing something good for people around you. It is not easy, but you can try it. Trust me, I did. And I believe that my parent will be happy when their children being a great people as always in life.

** Dedicated to my niece, si Bil. Credit to all my ex. International Organization for Migration Yogyakarta sub-office friends  and KAGAMA -Akt’04 who always being my family in my life. Take care, guys.

Eniwei the chronological: I accompanied all day Mrs. Dame and her husband looking for a house in Bintaro and gave the direction for go home (they are not familiar with Jakarta), then my mobile phone off for three hours. And you know Bil, they were be panic while we were watching Spiderman at home (you, your parent and I)…. HAHAHAHA actually the real reason I did not turn on as soon as possible my mobile phone just because I did not want to see ‘Read-signal’ bbm (from someone) which maybe it would made me dissapointed without jokes/ melted chat. unexpected, friends still loving me via bbm/ WA just for sharing or looking for me. HAHAHA. So please noted: give your emergency number to your friends/parent when you will go somewhere, text your friend when you already arrived at home & say thank you for today, and do not in a bad mood to others. Oks, Bil!

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