KIDS: Masterchef Junior US Contest


MASTERCHEF JUNIOR US goes back for seconds…and thirds! Hit culinary competition series MASTERCHEF JUNIOR gives talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 the chance to showcase their culinary abilities and passion for food through a series of delicious challenges. 

Alexander Weiss went from average 13-year-old New Yorker to famous wunderkind in the kitchen after winning the first American season of Masterchef Junior US. He began cooking with his parents when he was a little kid, but quickly became the show’s front-runner when he made perfect pistachio macarons in the first episode. 

It was very interesting tv series, superb kids! They were very outstanding kids who could processed ingredient became delicious and unique foods. The most important thing is they never give up with the process. I realized that cooking and serving healthy food is not easy indeed. So good job, kids! Happy Happy Happy, you always look so happy.

Hopefully one day, I can enjoy my apron, kitchen, material with si Bil and my children. Trata!

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