London: our new life

Screenshot_2014-07-05-05-21-18-1Hi Bil, i do not know how old are you when you are reading this post. Do you know, in July, 2014 your parent are rushing to prepare their job movement to London, U.K. How about me? I am preparing my mentality to face this new condition. It not easy for me to live far away from your father, your mother, and you. We had so many happiness and sadness memories together as a nuclear family.
Do you know,I just realized that I re-arrange my dream: I wanna have a child shoud be changed into two or three because I care that she/he will be alone in the world whem getting older. It feel like this eventhough you said that “Going to London we can use train…..from Indonesia” -Hahahah it is gonna change the real condition.
Si Bil, tante advise something, please remind this: wherever you go, whatever your highly education, however you reach the dream… please remember your country, your family and custom/culture your anchestor. As we know being Indonesian is not easy, we have to be patient with all condition somehow different with develop countries. And for dedek Bil, you have a special gift from Allah that you will get double citizen, please use it wishly in everything to support your personal developmemt, career development and other.

Eniwei thank you for assisting me for five years with happy indeed, Bil. It such a honor for me to assisted your mother on waiting baby, enjoying pregnant, and parenting. Actually I am worry when I do all situation, you are all not in here. I have to be independent momi with new family, and superb husband indeed.
Sama-sama belajar ya, Bil. Meskipun tidak mudah di awal , nanti terbiasa. Luv you.

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