EPI: Hi Tech Globalization


W/ jr. Diplomat John and Sr. Diplomat Ali Alatas pic

W/ Jr. Diplomat John and Sr. Diplomat Ali Alatas pic, MoFA R.I office, 2014

Welcome July! I entered my July with big surprise from Allah: Men, ketemu lagi dengan sahabat lama, Jr. Diplomat John R. Purba. Pertemuan yang kebetulan, meski saya percaya bahwa tiada hal di dunia itu hanya kebetulan, membuat saya menemukan oase layaknya spirit jaman kuliah bersama teman-teman hebat. Well, semakin berjalannya waktu, orientasi hidup manusia pun berbeda-beda, gaya berteman pun menjadi berbeda. Belum lagi ditambah pola hidup modern ala Jakartatrans. Sometimes I feel lonely because I difficult to find amazing person with anti mainstream mindset, lifestyle…. that I found easier them at my campus. Thanks God, I still keep in contact and interaction with them on social media. We can share our perspective on so many issues. I find a peace of mind when we are sharing, talking, joking… so in the end of interaction, I can say: oh yes I get something knowledge, joke, refresh…. hey, it seems like we meet in real life you know. Maybe its chemistry, friends chemistry indeeed! I am happy about it.

I should say thanks to Hi Tech Globalization which give us easir to meet our friends. Really, I can get their up date from chat, path, facebook, blog, skype… It is very helpful. In 2005, at Globalization class by Mr. MUHADI Sugiono and Mr. Mochtar Mas’oed I worried about Hi Tech globalization. It was debatable bad or good impact for young generations. But now I feel its advantages. In general speaking, we have to still be aware and wise to use media. In globalization era, we can see how media (social media) can influence people act. Some of social, politic, economic crisis triggered from social media. Ex: Egypt, Turkey, Syiria, Thailand, and Indonesia-black campign trending topics etc. International Economic Politic is influenced by complexity and complicated actions from global society. And we are a part of global society should have a ‘special filter’ to choose what is necessary and priority to adopt in our life.

Back to John and diaspora Republic of Indonesia, from them I can get knowledge and recently up date about their host states and our Indonesian citizen in there. Welcome to boarderless era.

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