Two Tuts: then everything will follow you

Hi si Bil,

I am feel so tired. Today is the quite day for me because everyone asked me about my decision.
ALhamdulillah tante gets great atmosphere in this place, great bos, great and great great…… random.
I do not know why I said it to my bos, I just try to follow up intuition, I have to hijrah to International Banking, maybe.
Other side, universe seems like to support my choice. But I am still afraid when it will be wrong choice on the future. Aah, I do not have any idea now. So, please working with great dedicated then everything will follow you
May Allah bless my efforts to finish all my assignments on this orientation period.
I just wanna work with silent people and less miss communication. It is not easy to manage people. So, be patient.

About time. Two Tuts take time to tango! for you my kids and small family. Aamiin.

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