Summer in UK 2015: Royal Observatory Greenwich

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Greeting from Jakarta!
I would like to write my summer trip in UK. Actually, It was my special Eid Fitr because all my nuclear family celebrated in London.
While our family time, I enjoyed my me time to visit Greenwich. From Hendon Central Sta take underground and DLR to Greenwich (London), Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich.

Cutty Sark

In there, I enjoyed Cutty Sark, National Maritime, The Queen’s House Art Gallery and Royal Observatory Greenwich. Thank God!

Royal Observatory Greenwich:
Discover the past, present and future wonders of astronomy at the centre of time. Take an amazing journey through the historic home of British astronomy, GMT and the Prime Meridian. Learn how great scientists first mapped the seas and the stars, stand astride two hemispheres on the Prime Meridian Line, see pioneering inventions and the UK’s largest refracting telescope, touch a 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid, and travel the Universe at London’s only planetarium.

Must see….

1. Meridian Line
Stand aside the world-famous Meridian Line, with one foot in each hemisphere, and take in dramatic views of London.


2. Great Equatorial Telescope
Venture inside the huge dome to see the telescope that gave astronomers new views of the Universe over 100 years ago.

3. Planetarium
See the stars and visit distant worlds in live shows presented by expert astronomers, or spectacular cinematic shows based on the latest science.

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Source: Map Royal Museums Greenwich only 1 Poundsterling each