Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Hi Bil,

Pardon for late writing the blog because it was year end holiday. Oke I would like to share my first official journey to Dubai. In mid December 2015, I went to Dubai with my colleagues. Due to my lowest position as staff, I have to arrange our journey, especially logistic aspect and communication with our partner in Dubai.

I would like to share that we have to prepare our itinerary, our documents (VISA, Passport), communication, money, and also weather. It was different when we travel for personal, holiday or family. For me, travel for official had have an unique challenge and we have to finish our preparation before others. It means that we have to discipline, quick response, and creative. Huft! Actually I was very tired but it would be great journey.

In Dubai, I arranged the meetings. After meeting, my colleagues have their preference to go somewhere that they want to. We enjoyed Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) area in the morning until afternoon. In DIFC, I saw many financial or business company in here. We visited regulator in financial sector and Market. Do you know Bil, the DIFC Gate was shooting location Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, 2011.

We visited Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, Dubai Downtown area: Burj Khalifa (Highest Building in the World, 828 meter), Dubai Fountain, Palm Jumeirah, Deira area, and Dubai International Airport. I was amazing with taxi driver in Dubai, they drove highly speed maybe because the road is very good condition.

So, my lesson learned from this journey: please well prepare the documents and best place in the city.

burj khalifa

Background: Burj Khalifa, December 2015

dubai fountain1

Background: Dubai Fountain, December 2015

Thank you Allah for blessing me and gave me the special opportunity. See you NEXT YEAR!!!

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