OJK launched Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Center


My Dad and I, December 2015, Belitong Island

Hi Bil, It is turning second years that I stay at your home. I do not know how many Saturday night without you and our big family. I always face my weekend with tired and just enjoying my lazy day. Saturday morning I go to gym to attend Yoga Class, if possible.

Last weekend, It was very tough because I have to handle big event at office. Thank God it was good and happy landing. Yippie.

My office hold an international seminar on microfinance and financial inclusion that the opening ceremony was opened by Mr. Vice President, Jusuf Kalla. Finally, after one year prepared to design the program, donor meetings and kick off OJK-PROKSI,

OJK-PROKSI is designed to become a reputable international microfinance and inclusion center that supports domestic and global poverty alleviation programs through the amplification of microfinance contribution to the increased access to finance. The Center support knowledge development and provide affordable learning platform on microfinance and inclusion for policy/decision makers, business and financial practitioners, academics, global communities and other relevant stakeholders, through learning, resources, and collaborations.

This Center was launched in conjunction with international Seminar titled: “Bringing Indonesia’s Microfinance and Financial Inclusion to the world”. This seminar was aimed to discuss the Indonesia’s vast practical experience in microfinance as well as challenges and opportunities in advancing an integrated development of Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.

– See more at:

Thank you my Dad for your stories and chance when we visited microfinance in Central Java.
Let’s learn microfinance and financial inclusion 🙂

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