Postcard: Let’s make a legacy


Writing a postcards for My Dad, Belitong, 2015

Hi Bil,

Did you remember that I sent you a postcard?

Did you remember  that you sent me a postcard from London in 2015?

Well I already shared to you about the postcards, how to write our greeting on postcard, how to choose unique design of the postcards and stamp.

For me and my father, a postcard is very meaningful. From postcard, we know that personal is very respect with us, she/he spare his/her time to write, think some words, pray for us to visit here, walk to post office and pay it.

If we are not the special one, she/he would not doing this.

From postcard, I found a secret theory: imagine the object!

Yes, I try to imagine that I would be in there someday.

So, please send our warm regards on postcard when we travel around the world. It would be make them happy! Just like me, sending the postcards for you and my daddy when I travel overseas/ domestic. Let’s make a legacy for our next generation!