Services and Investment (part II)

Limitations, reservations and schedules

But these general commitments do not necessarily apply without exception.

Each Party can set conditions or exceptions to its commitments, often referred to as ‘limitations’ or ‘reservations’. Commitments and exceptions are inscribed in so-called schedules, which form an integral oart of the trade agreement.

Even if a Party daoes not include exceptions in its schedule – and takes what is called a “full commitment” – it does not mean that the sector is or will be deregulated.

The Party can continue regulating that sector but it will have to do so without imposing quotas or discriminating, so the rules should apply in the same way to domestic and foreign service suppliers and investors alike.

This means for instance that quality standards for education or health sector or universal services obligations remain applicable even where no exception has been scheduled in a given sector.


Source: Services and Investment in EU trade deals, April 2016

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