Our new destiny: After Dad Passed Away

Hi Bil,

Good afternoon everyone! Long time no see since I have to handle domestic routine: taking care my Mom on the weekend in outside Jakarta and back to Jakarta on Monday Morning, working, packing and moving from Bil’s home, etc

It is not easy, feel so tired yes, feel so happy also

Do you know, I just realised that sometimes people have not ready yet to change their routine/ habit. We need to adapt, reconcile with a new condition, and implement to our routine, we need to accept it as our new destiny, as a new life, as a new habit. Ought! it is a new normal era.

As I remember you Bil, you are an extra extrovert person, different with me. So, I believe that you can adapt changes and face it. Just let it your tears a second then, Keep moving forward.

Do you know Bil, your Grandpa loves you so much and Willy also.  How lucky you are that only you who could met him and played with him. In the hospital, October 2016, He asked me to print out your photo and hang it. I got it from your daddy. Every nurse and doctor asked who is this? Cucu -grandchild in London with me. Everyone gave a positive spirit to him. Again, how lucky you are, beloved grandchild.


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