Thank 2017 Let’s Switch On: Family Time

Hi Bil and Willy,

21.41 PM at office

Today is my last day working in 2017.
It’s such a wonderful journey during working in here.
Thanks God, I have a great team, the small team with smart seniors and juniors.
2017 is my ‘transition’, a year which I try to make a peaceful mind and apologize to myself.
2016 was very hardest year, which I never imagined. Dad was passed away in end year 2016.

Foto iseng saat Adek ganti Pampers tapi nangis2, kita bikin foto-foto aja. Pilih Bahagia

Thank God 2018 will come on right time with the right people, yes you, Bil and Willy, and your daddy mom & grandma.

Okay, let me go home now and pack my bag for tomorrow we will travel together to our hometown, spend a family time together, and face up New year Eve.

Welcome Back my soul,
Thank you for assisting me, 2017.

During Memoriam Xmas and New Year Holiday 2015 with Dadd and Mom in Belitong, just three of Six
Belitong, New Year End Holiday 2015

Let’s meet up with sea in 2018!!!
Mandalika I am coming, insyallah.

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