Greeting from Jakarta!

Morning, Welcome.

I am RATIH Surachman. I am Indonesian born in Semarang – just a proud of being Javanese people. I studied B.A/M.A IR at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. In there, I grew up with special atmosphere. Anyway, since senior high school I interested to people development, communication, states/ countries, kids, and economics. Thank God, I still on my way which closed to all those issues everyday.

I worked for intergovernmental organization in Indonesia. Previously, I learned about brand building in fast moving consumer goods of multinational company. Unfortunately, I was still looking for ‘my passion’, so I entered my new journey to M.A IR in (back to) Jogja. Then, I met up with many opportunities to explore my personal development: got special invitation scholarship, JENESYS, by Japan Foundation Tokyo; JSPS scholarship in Nagoya University; Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA) 35th in Jakarta, and TIIMI Youth Conference in London, UK; etc. It has been helped me to develop my career at Indonesia Financial Services Authority in Jakarta.

I love travel to visit new place, ocean, hiking the hills to catch up sunrise, and taking photos (Especially human interest, architectural, and landscape photography). In this blog, I would like to share my stories -ups and downs in life, try to give you philosophy behind the stories and tell stories with the photo. My colleage said, we have to finish with the philosophy first before we move to another step. BTW, when you are reading this blog, please adopt all my stories and opinions as my personal point of view.



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